Bass Drum Placement Exercises

By Tim Pedersen. I’ve spent a great deal of time in the studio on both sides of the glass. I’ve recorded hundreds of songs as a drummer and I’ve recorded at least a hundred drummers as an engineer. In that time I’ve found a simple set of exercises that have a huge effect on the […]

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FOD - Session Report - Jeff Bowders 600px 3/5/2015

Session Report w/Jeff Bowders

    There is a secret to getting great drum sounds that surpasses almost anything else. It’s more important than having good mics, killer drums, or even an amazing room. What I’m about to tell you might shock you…..but it’s a secret that will always set you up for great drum recordings. Are you ready?

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From Drummer to Producer

by Tim Pedersen The world of music changes rapidly. Because of this, we see the previously defined roles that musician’s play morphing into many different roles. Musicians today often have to wear an assortment of  “hats” in order to have a successful career. Recording expertise, on both sides of the glass, has become mandatory with […]

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Tim Pedersen's Drum & Recording Column for 2/12/2015

It’s Better To Take The Blue Pill

By Tim Pedersen Musicians are an interesting ilk. We spend a lifetime developing skills that are often taken for granted and, lately, financially unrewarded. However, the passion for music pushes us forward to continue the quest for improved musicality and understanding. It’s a passion seldom seen in other endeavors. In my first article for FullOnDrums […]

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Charlie's new Drum Magazine Column - "Good Vibrations". 1/6/2015

Charlie’s New Column On

  “Good Vibrations” Debuts! In his new column, “Good Vibrations”, Charlie is going to show us how he works with drummers to get a great sound in the studio. Called “Good Vibrations”, the new column is designed to give you a quick look at how you go for a particular sound to fit a session […]

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FREE eBook from Charie Waymire - 4 Twists On Minimal Drum Miking 1/5/2015

Charlie Releases FREE Drum Miking eBook!

  Record Awesome Sounding Drums! FullOnDrums’ very own Charlie Waymire has released a FREE eBook titled “4 Twists On Minimal Drum Miking”. With this eBook you’ll learn 4 different minimal miking techniques that will teach you how to get great sounds with minimal microphones and gear.

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FOD Aphex - Group 3 4/15/2014

Episode 34 – Aphex

    For episode 34 we had the pleasure of working with the folks at Aphex Electronics. Best known for the Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and Compeller, their wide range of mic pres are often overlooked. Jace Nuzback from Aphex brought over a gigantic rack, filled with every pre the company makes and Nick Adams […]

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FOD Harnell - Slider 2/25/2014

Episode 33 – Jazz w/Jason Harnell

In episode 33 Jazz master Jason Harnell joins us with special guest Joe Bagg on keyboards. They give a fantastic live performance that we think you will really enjoy!

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FOD - Heil Featured Image 2/11/2014

Episode 32 – Heil Sound!

  In episode 32 Charlie takes a bunch of mics from Heil Sound for a drive. If you’ve seen the show then you know that Charlie loves his PR30s’ and you’re about to find out why!

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FOD ep31 - GTFO My Room 2/10/2014

Episode 31 – Ryan Higa “GTFO My Room”

Today Charlie is in studio with producer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Lange recording drums for Ryan Higa’s “GTFO My Room”; a hilarious parody of all things emo!

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FOD Toft - Slider 1/21/2014

Episode 30 – The Toft ATB Console

  The console has long been the central hub of the recording studio. Even with all of the flexibility and convenience of modern software-based recording, there’s nothing like having all of your mic pres, eqs, and routing for effects and headphone mixes all neatly laid out at your fingertips. Today we’re leaving the rack gear […]

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AT Full Kit MM VAM 11-2-1920x1080 H 12/19/2013

New Audio-Technica Drum Micing Videos by FullOnDrums

The FullOnDrums crew has been commissioned by Audio-Technica to produce a series of basic drum recording videos.

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FOD Ray Luzier URS 11/13/2013

Episode 29 – Ray Luzier Returns!

    On the eve of a new Korn world tour to support their brand new album, “The Paradigm Shift”, Ray Luzier stopped by Ultimate Rhythm Studios to film a new episode for Ray’s first appearance on the show was way back at episode 3! In episode 28 Ray performs Love & Meth and […]

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SOC - Star Wars 8/20/2013

Episode 28 – Statues of Cats

  Los Angeles based rock band Statues of Cats have been recording their debut EP, “Memorabilia”, for 80/20 Records at Ultimate Rhythm Studios.

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featured_Chandler_Limited 6/19/2013

Episode 27 – Chandler Limited!

In this episode Charlie gets to play with some of his favorite gear from Chandler Limited!

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FOD Jeff Bowders - Charlie Waymire and Jeff Bowders 5/23/2013

Episode 26 – BIG Drums w/Jeff Bowders

Rock drummer extraordinaire, Jeff Bowders, joined at Ultimate Rhythm Studios for what we thought would be a fun episode with some great rock drumming. Boy were we in for a surprise!

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FOD Ep25 Featured Image 4/16/2013

Episode 25 – Groovin’ w/Mike Avenaim

Hailing from the land down under, Aussie drummer Mike Avenaim is quickly making a name for himself here in the states. Although he’s relocated to Los Angeles his long time friend, and prolific songwriter, Jordan Millar commissioned Mike to lay down the foundation for his new record “Cold Lights On Curious Minds“.

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Glen Sobel & Charlie Waymire on 3/12/2013

Episode 23 – Gettin’ Crazy w/Glen Sobel!

Alice Cooper’s stickman Glen Sobel is hands down one of the best rock drummers around. His knowledge of music and skill level on the drums are why he has been sought after by some of the best musicians in the business.

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photo 4 2/20/2013

Episode 22 – The Mid-Side Technique

  Charlie demonstrates the Mid-Side stereo micing technique.

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IMG_1489 1/22/2013

Episode 21 – Gretsch Brooklyn + $400

Charlie is back behind a Gretsch Brooklyn series kit using the Massenberg overhead technique to get a great sound with just $400 worth of mics!

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