For episode 34 we had the pleasure of working with the folks at Aphex Electronics. Best known for the Aural Exciter, Big Bottom, and Compeller, their wide range of mic pres are often overlooked. Jace Nuzback from Aphex brought over a gigantic rack, filled with every pre the company makes and Nick Adams (David Cook) joined us on drums.

Time to talk gear!

For an apples to apples comparison of the mic pres from Aphex, we used 4 of everything they make and recorded them back to back. (see photos below)

1 – A Pre
2 – J Pre
3 – Dual RPA
4 – Channel
5 – Project Channel

To keep things simple and make it easier to hear the difference between the pres, we used a simple 4 mic setup featuring an MXL A55 in the kick, an SM57 on the snare, and a pair of Audio Technica 4050’s set to cardioid for overheads.


After having the day to experiment with everything, we put together a full blown setup based on what we liked the best from the first round. Here’s the rundown:

Kick In: Channel – MXL A55
Kick Out: Project Channel – Audio Technica 4047MP set to cardioid
Snare Top: Project Channel – SM57
Snare Bottom: A Pre 500 – Audio Technica AE3000
Hats: A Pre 500 – AKG 451b
Toms: Channel – Heil PR30’s
Overheads: J Pre 500 – Audio Technica 4050’s set to cardioid
Rooms: Dual RPA 500 – Cascade X15 Stereo Ribbon Mic

Check out some photos below and be sure to Download the Full-bandwidtch, Multi-track Audio Files!