In episode 33 Jazz master Jason Harnell joins us with special guest Joe Bagg on keyboards. They give a fantastic live performance that we think you will really enjoy!

Jason’s kit is a Yamaha Master Custom with a 12″ rack tom, 14″ floor tom, and an 18″ kick drum all covered with Remo heads. For metal he has a fantastic set of Istanbul Cymbals.

Our goal for this episode was to capture a completely natural and organic sound. To reach our goal we used an uber simple setup, featuring micophones from Mojave Audio, and spent some time getting our placement right. Just in front of the kick we used a Mojave Audio MA301 FET and for overheads we used a spaced pair of MA300 Tube mics. These microphones did a fantastic job of capturing the kit accurately! Enjoy the episode!

Session files will be up soon… Sorry for the inconvenience.