Today Charlie is in studio with producer and multi-instrumentalist Andy Lange recording drums for Ryan Higa’s “GTFO My Room”; a hilarious parody of all things emo!

“GTFO My Room” is available on iTunes!

Drums: Tama Starclassic
Snare: Gretsch Maple
Cymbals: All Paiste baby!
Kick In: Heil PR40 – Chandler Limited Germanium – DBX166
Kick Out: NS10 Speaker (subkick) – Golden Age Project Pre73
Snare Top: SM57 – Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII
Snare Bottom: SM57 – GAP Pre73
Hats: AKG 451b – GAP Pre73
Toms: Heil PR30’s – Overstayer Channel Amp
Overheads: – MXL V67i’s (warm capsule) – GAP Pre73 DLX
Rooms: MXL R144 Ribbon Mics – Overstayer Channels Amps – Overstayer VCA Compressor

Download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files!