The console has long been the central hub of the recording studio. Even with all of the flexibility and convenience of modern software-based recording, there’s nothing like having all of your mic pres, eqs, and routing for effects and headphone mixes all neatly laid out at your fingertips. Today we’re leaving the rack gear off and running everything through a 24-channel Toft ATB console. The ATB is the latest in a long line of great gear form the design genius of Mr. Malcom Toft.

Download the Toft ATB Console Session Files

Our kit for this episode is a Pearl Reference Series (called the Batmobile!) featuring a 22″ kick, 12″ & 16″ toms and a 6″x14″ Gretsch USA Maple snare drum, all covered with Evans Drumheads. The Kick is rockin’ a GMAD, the toms have clear G2’s on top and clear G1’s on the bottom, the snare has a coated G1 on top and a Hazy 300 on the bottom.

The cymbals are all Paiste featuring a 22″ 2002 Ride, 18″ & 19″ Signature Full Crashes, and 14″ Signature Dark Crisp Hi-hats.

Here’s the microphone setup:

Kick In: Heil PR40 – Console eq: -3db @ 400hz
Kick Out: Audio Technica AT4047 – Console eq: -15db @ 12k (shelf), -5db @ 4.5k, +3db @ 100hz, +6db @ 60hz (shelf_
Hats: AKG 451b w/-10db pad & 150hz roll off engaged – Console eq: None
Snare Top: SM57 – Console eq: +3db @ 5k, -3db @ 1k, +3db @120hz (shelf)
Snare Bottom: Audio Technica AE3000 – Console eq: None
Rack Tom: Heil PR30 – Console eq: +3db @ 3.5k, -6db @ 500hz
Floor Tom: Heil PR30 – Console eq: +6db @ 800hz, +5db @ 60hz (shelf)
Overheads: Audio Technica AT4047’s – Console eq: None
Rooms: Cascade X15 Stereo Ribbon – Console eq: -4.5db @ 550hz, +6db @120hz (shelf)

For more information visit the PMI Audio Group and Toft Audio Designs.

Download the Toft ATB Console Session Files