Produced by Charlie Waymire and Scott Francisco (Scott with the killer red concept!).

Paiste released the new Precision Series at the Frankfurt Musik Messe in Frankfurt Germany. The video features John JR Robinson, Dean Butterworth, Jason Sutter and Franklin Vanderbilt.

Audio and video recorded at Ultimate Rhythm Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Videography by Justin Safaei.
Recording/Video Assistant: Brandon Cooke
Paiste Artist Relations: Andrew Shreve

Everything was recorded straight to Logic Pro @ 24/96k.

Check out some photos from the shoot below. More photos on the Facebook Page.
Kick In: Heil PR48Overstayer Channel Amp
Kick Front: MXL R144 RibbonChameleon Labs 7602
Overheads: Audio Technica AE3000’s – Chandler TG Channels
Room Mid: Audio Technica 4047Golden Age Projecct Pre73
Room Side: Cascade Fathead II – Golden Age Projecct Pre73

PPS - Heil PR48 Kick

Heil PR48 inside the kick

PPS - MXL R144 Kick Front

An MXL R144 ribbon mic in front of the kit. Picks up a solid thump from the kit and since the back side of the ribbon is out of phase acts as a bottom snare mic too!

JR Robinson Recording

John JR Robinson surrounded by two Audio Technica AE3000's, an Audio Technica 4047 and a Cascade Fathead II.

PPS - Video Setup

Andrew Shreve, Scott Francisco, Justin Safaei and Brandon Cooke getting a shot setup.

Paiste Precision Video Shoot Group Photo

Charlie Waymire, Dean Butterworth, John JR Robinson, Jason Sutter, Kelly Paiste, Franklin Vanderbilt, Scott Francisco, Andrew Shreve