On the eve of a new Korn world tour to support their brand new album, “The Paradigm Shift”, Ray Luzier stopped by Ultimate Rhythm Studios to film a new episode for FullOnDrums.com. Ray’s first appearance on the show was way back at episode 3!

In episode 28 Ray performs Love & Meth and talks about the recording process for “The Paradigm Shift”. Since his big kit was packed up and ready to hit the road Ray threw down on the Batmobile! The Batmobile is a Pearl Reference kit featuring a 22″ kick, 10″ & 12″ rack toms, and 14″ and 16″ floor toms. The snare was one of Ray’s favorite 6″x14″ Reference snares. The kit was covered in Remo drum heads.

Ray brought a full assortment of Sabian Cymbals and beat the heck out of them with his signature stick from Pro-Mark.

Capturing a drummer as powerful as Ray is no small feat. Let’s run down the list!

Kick In: MXL A55 – Overstayer Channel Amp – DBX166 Compressor
Kick Out: Mojave Audio MA301FET – Overstayer Channel Amp
Snare Top: SM57 – Chameleon Labs 7602 mkII – DBX 166 Compressor
Snare Bottom: Audio Technica ATM450 – Toft ATB24 Console
Hats: Audio Technica ATM450 – Toft ATB24 Console
Rack Toms: Audio Technica AE3000’s – Golden Age Projet Pre73’s
Floor Toms: Audio Technica AE3000 Golden Age Project Pre73
Left Floor Tom: Heil PR30 – Golden Age Project Pre73
Overheads: Mojave Audio MA301FET’s – Golden Age Project Pre73’s
Room Mics: Mojave Audio MA300 Tube Mics – Toft ATB24 Console

Be sure to download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files.

Check out some photos from the session!