Statues of Cats - Anthony Salazar

Los Angeles based rock band Statues of Cats have been recording their debut EP, “Memorabilia”, for 80/20 Records at Ultimate Rhythm Studios. Actually “rock band” is a bit limiting. Statues of Cats is a modern-vintage rock explosion of fiery jams, funky-jazzy skank, and 8-bit, punk-rock sandpaper grittiness. What does that mean you ask? It means that they are pretty damn cool!

We decided to record completely live, capturing the band as if they were on a stage instead of recording drums first and then building all the other parts on top. These guys play really well together and I wanted to capture the energy and emotion they have on stage. We even kept one of the scratch vocal tracks because David just nailed it (even with all the drums bleeding into the vocal mic)! It’s been a lot of fun working with Statues of Cats. They are a great group of guys that are really into the recording process and I’m excited for everyone to hear this EP!

Now let’s look at the drums!

Anthony has a gorgeous Gretsch Catalina Club kit in green spark. The shells are all maple and ash featuring a 26″ kick, 13″ rack tom and 16″ floor tom. For this song we used a Tama Metalworks steel snare.

The kick is covered with a Remo Powerstroke 3, the toms have clear Powerstroke 3’s on top and clear Ambassadors on bottom. The snare had an Evans HD Dry on top with a clear Remo Ambassador on bottom.

Anthony used a combination of Sabian and Paiste cymbals that consisted of 14″ Sabian AAX hats, 19″ Sabian HHX Extreme Crash, 20″ Paiste 602 thin crash and a 22″ Paiste Dark Energy MKII ride.

Statues of Cats are a very dynamic band with many twists and turns throughout their songs. Because of that our mic setup is pretty extensive and gives us many possibilities during mix down.

Kick In – MXL A55 – Overstayer Channel Amp w/60hz bump on the eq

Kick Out – Audio Technica 4047 – Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII

Snare Top – Shure Unidyne III – Chandler Limited Germanium

Snare Bottom – MXL V67n – MXL MPAC

Hats – AKG c451b (150hz roll off, -10db pad) – MXL MPAC

Toms – MXL V67i’s – Golden Age Project Pre73’s

Overheads – MXL Genesis FETs – Golden Age Project Pre73’s

Rooms – Audio Technica 4080’s ribbon mics (in a blumlein setup) – MXL MPAC’s – Overstayer VCA compressor with low end eq.

Rooms Wide – MXL Cubes – Warm Audio WA12’s

Rooms Back – MXL R144 ribbon mics – Golden Age Project Pre73’s – FMR RNC compressor. The mics are behind the kit and very low to the floor. They are the same distance from the kick as the overheads are to avoid phase issues.

Be sure to check out and download Statues of Cats Session Files to check out the tones!

“Memorabilia” is coming out September 26 on 80/20 records!