Rock drummer extraordinaire, Jeff Bowders, joined at Ultimate Rhythm Studios for what we thought would be a fun episode with some great rock drumming. Boy were we in for a surprise! Jeff flat out put on a clinic with some amazing drumming that paid tribute to his Progressive Rock roots. One listen to Jeff’s performance and you’ll understand why Paul Gilbert, Puddle of Mudd, Justin Derrico, T.J. Helmerich, and many others have utilized Jeff’s skills on both their albums and tours. In this episode, Jeff performs the song “Consequence of Ideas” from his solo album “The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig”. Please make sure your seat belts are securely fastened and tray tables are in their upright positions because you’re in for quite a ride!

Serious drumming requires some serious drums so Jeff brought his big Tama Starclassic Birch/Bubinga kit. It’s comprised of 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ toms, an 18″x22″ kick and a 6″x14″ aluminum Starphonic.

The toms are covered with clear Evans EC2’s, the snare features an Evans ST Dry and the kick is wrapped with an Evans EQ4. The kit is topped off with a wide array of Sabian cymbals.

FOD Jeff Bowders - Top Shot

Jeff Bowders!

Big kits mean a lot of mics! To be more correct we should say that big kits allow for a lot of options and variations in micing. We chose to use quite a few mics that would allow for multiple options when mixing. For full disclosure these drums are not mixed at all. What you hear is exactly what it sounded like when we tracked. That doesn’t mean we didn’t use eq and compression but we only used it during tracking with no extra treatment done after the fact.

Enough babble. Let’s talk gear!

Kick Drum

MXL A-55 Kicker , Overstayer Chanel Amp – inside the kick
Audio-Technica AT4047, Chandler Limited Germanium, Waves SSL plugin pulling 300hz, boosting 60hz – outside the kick
Subkick, MXL MPAC – outside the kick

Main Snare

Shure SM57 on Top, Overstayer Chanel Amp
SM57 on bottom, MXL MPAC

Side Snare

SM57, Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII

Main Hats

AKG C 451b with -10db pad and 150hz roll off, MXL MPAC


Audio-Technica AT4051, MXL MPAC


Audio-Technica AE3000, Golden Age Project Pre73


Audio Technica AT4050, Chandler Limited TG Channels

Rooms 1

Cascade Microphones X-15 stereo ribbon mic, Golden Age Project Pre73, Overstayer VCA compressor

Rooms 2

MXL Cube, Overstayer Channel Amp

FOD Jeff Bowders - Front Shot

Jeff Bowders behind his Tama Kit

FOD Jeff Bowders - Kick

Sub kick & AT4047 outside the kick, MXL A55 inside the kick.

FOD Jeff Bowders - Main Snare

SM57 on the top and bottom of the main snare.

FOD Jeff Bowders - Snares

FOD Jeff Bowders - Main Hats

Audio Technica AE3000 on the rack toms

Audio Technica AE3000 on the rack toms

Jeff's blowing my mind!

Jeff's blowing my mind!

FOD Jeff Bowders - Audio Technica AE3000 on the floor tom

Audio Technica AE3000 on the floor tom

FOD Jeff Bowders - Xhat

Audio Technica 4051 on the x-hat.

FOD Jeff Bowders - X15 Rooms

Cascade X15 Stereo Ribbon mic in front of the kit.

Download Jeff Bowders Session Files