Charlie is back behind a Gretsch Brooklyn series kit using the Massenberg overhead technique to get a great sound with just $400 worth of mics!

Welcome to 2013 and the new home of Ultimate Rhythm Studios.

For our first episode of 2013, we brought back the power combination of the Gretsch Brooklyn Series and MXL mics to deliver another great rock & roll sound using only three mics.

The first two mics are a pair of  MXL V67i-s, using the warm capsules arranged in a configuration devised by George Massenberg. The diagonal arrangement allows plenty of punch from the toms while keeping the cymbals, snare, and kick properly balanced in the stereo field. While just these two mics provide a great overall picture of the kit, wee need a little extra oomph from the kick and brightness from the snare to cut through our dense rock track.

The third mic – our secret weapon – is an MXL Cube on the batter head of the kick. This gets us all the extra kick we need and also, thanks to the Cube's tendency to pick up sound from directly behind, some bottom snare to add snap. Since the snare is to the back of the mic, phase is not an issue, much like how we’ve used ribbon mics like this in the past.

All three mics went through GAP Pre73s straight to the recorder.

As always, a great kit and a great drummer are the best place to start. This is just one more example of a great sound without spending a fortune.

Don't forget to download the full-bandwidth, multi-track files here!