Bennie Rodgers IIBennie Rodgers II

Few drummers are more in demand than Bennie Rodgers II. With his groove, musicality and dedication it’s no wonder he is sought after by the likes of Big Bang, Keri Hilson and Mariah Carey. When we were putting our funk episode together he was the first person we called. Check Bennie out on Twitter

On the eve of heading out with Mariah Carey we got Bennie over to the studio to capture some killer grooves and killer tones.

For the funk session Bennie chose is Tama Star Classic Elite Series drums featuring an 18×22″ kick, 6/12×10″ and 6 1/2×12″ rack toms, 14×16″ floor tom and a 7×13″ Tama SLP snare drum.

The toms were outfitted with Evans Onyx heads, the kick had a GMAD 2 and the snare had an HD Dry.

Bennie’s cymbal setup consisted of Sabian Cymbals featuring 15″ Evolution hi-hats, 18″ Evolution Crash, 18″ Ozone Crash, 6″ Ozone splash and a 21″ HHX Dry Bell Ride.

The drums were set up perfectly for our funk session. What was our signal chain? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files.

To capture our tight kick sound we used a Sennheiser 421 completely inside the kick and running through a Chameleon Labs 7602 pulling 8db of 360Hz and boosting 4db of at 60Hz. The big bottom was captured with an NS10 subwoofer used as a subkick running through the Millenia HV-3D.

FOD - Snare MicingSnare
On the snare we used Scott’s favorite Shure Unidyne III SM57. This is an excellent sounding mic for snares! It was a couple of inches above the snare and about an inch outside of the rim. It went into a Chameleon Labs 7602 with no eq or compression. On the bottom of the snare was a Shure Beta 57A running through the Millenia HV-3D.

TomsFOD - Tom micing 421's
For the toms we turned to the classic Sennheiser MD421. They were a perfect choice for our tight, focussed funk sound. The toms were all going through a Chameleon Labs 7602. The floor tom had an eq setting of +2 at 4.9k and -7db of 700Hz.

FOD - Hi-hat micing 451bHi-Hats
On the hats we used an AKG C451b placed towards the outer edge of the hi-hats. It was going through the Millenia HV-3D.

FOD - Overhead Micing 452ebOverheads
The overhead mics were a pair of 452eb’s placed in an X/Y configuration to capture a tight, focused and phase coherent sound. To get a clean, accurate sound we ran them through the Millenia HV-3D.

FOD - Coles 4038 Room MicRoom Mic
We have a mono room mic setup featuring the classic Coles 4038 ribbon mic running through the Millenia HV-3D. This mic is smooth and full. We didn’t stop there though. We crushed it with a Universal Audio 1176LN set to 8:1 with the input at 33, output at 12 and an attack and release setting of 6. This created a big, full sound.Check Bennie out on Twitter

Download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files.