This week we’re going to take a look into Charlie’s workflow at Ultimate Rhythm Studio and how he uses a combination of hardware and plugins during the tracking process. Oh yea, and how to work all by yourself.

Charlie is using one of his house kits, a Pearl Session Custom featuring a 9×12 rack tom, 12×14″ floor tom, 16×16″ floor tom, 18×24″ kick drum, and a 3×14″ maple free floating Pearl snare.

For cymbals Charlie has an all Paiste setup consisting of a 22″ Dark Energy MK II Ride, 19″ Crash, 19″ Crash, 18″ Crash and 14″ hi-hats.

The session was recorded in Apple’s Logic Pro Studio and was controlled remotely by Charlie from behind his drumkit via screen sharing on his MacBook Pro.

>Episode 5 – Ultimate Rhythm Studio: Recording by Yourself
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On the inside of the kick is an MXL A55 Kicker running through a Chandler Limited Germanium mic preamp and getting a little eq from an Aphex EQF-2.

On the outside is an MXL V67i with the “warm” capsule selected running through a GAP Pre73 mic preamp. To dial in the sound there are two plugins on the insert, an SPL De-Verb to tighten up the low end a bit and an SSL E-Channel strip pulling a considerable amount of 600Hz and 730Hz to clean things up while pushing a 6db shelf at 60Hz.

No compression is running on either kick mic.

The snare is a good ‘ol fashioned Shure SM57 running through a Chameleon Labs 7602 MKII. The 7602 has a great eq and is most definitely being used on this track! The settings are a high pass filter at 50Hz, low shelf boosted liberally at 220Hz, a 6-8db scoop of 700Hz and a few db boost at 7k. It is then running through an Overstayer VCA Compressor to give it a little snap!

The bottom snare mic is also a Shure SM57 running through an MXL MPAC Mic Preamp with the high pass filter set to 175Hz but no additional eq or compression.

The toms are all miced with Heil Sound PR30’s running through GAP Pre73’s. The PR30’s have great rear rejection with a nice tight low end and a great mid punch. EQ is provided from the SSL E-Channel plugin. Each tom is getting a little eq around 8k. A few db of 900Hz is being pulled from the rack tom, 770Hz from the first floor tom and 1.8k from the 16″ floor tom. A few db of 130Hz is being added to the 14″ floor tom for some added body.

The spaced pair of MXL 2003A’s are running through two GAP Pre73 MKII’s. They are getting a little bit of 12k from the PuigTec EQP1A plugin. Not a lot of eq, just a little bit for air.

The middle overhead is an MXL 2010 set to omni and is running through an MXL MPAC Mic Preamp. It has a Channel EQ from Logic pulling 19db of 215Hz with a very sharp Q setting of 7.30. This pulls some of the tom ring without killing the tom or snare tone. Tightens the sound up very nicely!

The hi-hat is an AKG 451B with the roll off set to 150Hz running through an MXL MPAC mic preamp.

The rooms are a pair of MXL v67n’s in an ORTF format but with the omni capsules. They are running through two MXL MPAC Mic Preamps and then are crushed with an Overstayer FET Stereo Compressor to add some size to the sound. For eq, each channel has the Logic Channel EQ with a 24db cut at 200Hz with a sharp Q setting of 8.60, 24db cut at 290Hz with a sharp Q setting of 7 and a 12db/Oct rolloff at 10k with a Q setting of 0.71. The two deep cuts really clean up the low mids without losing body basically by cutting some of the extra tom ring generated by the kick drum. The high rolloff takes off some of the sharpness and helps add a little depth to the room compared to the close mics and overheads.

Today’s objective was to get as much of the drum sound during the tracking process as possible. So the plugins are all printed once tracking is done to create the overall drum sound. Additional eq and compression can be done at mix time if desired.

Episode 5 – Ultimate Rhythm Studio: Recording by Yourself
Download Ultimate Rhythm Studio Audio Files