Charlie demonstrates some great mics from Audio Technica in a variety of setups.

We start off with a full tight-mic setup for a hi-fi fusion sort of sound:

Kick – AE2500 dual element kick mic (both elements) just outside the hole..

Snare top – ATM650 Dynamic instrument mic a few inches above the rim.

Snare bottom – ATM 450 Condenser instrument mic about two inches below the bottom head.

Hat – AT4051 Cardioid condenser (no roll-off)

Toms – AE3000 Condensers

Overheads – AT4050 Condensers in a spaced pair (cardioid, no pad or roll-off)

Rooms – AT4081 Active ribbon mics in a Blumlein pair about ten feet in front of the kit.

The Kick dynamic, snare top, and overheads ran through Overstayer Channel Amps. All other mics went through GAP Pre73s.

No EQ or compression was used during recording.

Next we kept the AE2500 on the kick and ATM650 on the snare and replaced all other mics with an XY pair of AT4041 condensers running through Overstayer Channel Amps. Again, no EQ or compression.




For the second half of the episode we switch to a rock setup:





The AE2500 moves inside the kick about 6 inches from the batter head.

We also added a 4050 set to cardioid (pad on) outside the front head.

The ATM650 and ATM450 remain on the snare and the 4051 remains on the hat.

The toms are swapped for ATM25 dynamics and overheads for AT4047 condensers (no pad or roll-off). Changing to dynamics for the toms gives us a little more punch and the more vintage-style 4047s give us a little fatter overall sound.

The room mics remain in the same position swapped for a Blumlein pair of AT4081 ribbons.

The mic pre setup remains the same with the addition of the outside kick running through a GAP Pre73.


For the final pass we kept the kick and top snare mics in place and swapped everything else out for a pair of 4080 ribbon mic in a Glyn Johns setup. The 4080s ran through the Overstayer Channel Amps. You guseed it: no EQ or compression.

In the mix, a little EQ was added to the kick and 295hz was notched out of the top snare.

Don’t forget to download the full-bandwidth, multi-track files here!