In this episode Charlie takes a trip to one of his favorite places on earth. Paiste Cymbals! With the help of cymbal guru and Paiste Artist Relations Manager Andrew Shreve, they will try out 9 different sets of cymbals for a variety of situations.

Andrew Shreve - Paiste

Andrew Shreve - Paiste

Andrew was given a set of criteria (Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Punk, Metal, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Pop, etc…) to use as a guide for which cymbal combinations he would choose. The overall goal is to give an understanding of how to mix and match weights, sizes, and colors to create versatile set ups for any musical situation.

All this cymbal bliss was captured using a pair of Audio Technica 4050s in an X/Y overhead configuration, an SM57 on the snare, and an Audio Technica ATM25 inside the kick. All the mics are going through the Millennia HV-3D and an Apogee Rosetta 800. No compression or EQ was used during the recording process.

Be sure to download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files!

Paiste Cymbal Wall1

Paiste Cymbal Wall1

Rock Setup #1

15″ 2002 Sound Edge Hi-hat
18″ Giant Beat Multi-use Crash
24″ Giant Beat Ride
20″ Giant Beat Multi-use Crash

Rock Setup #2 – Hard Rock

15″ Alpha Rock Hats
18″ 2002 Power Crash
24″ 2002 Ride
19″ Signature Power Crash

Rock Setup #3 – Pop Punk

14″ Alpha Metal Edge Hi-Hat
18″ Rude Crash/Ride
21″ Alpha Groove Ride
19″ Signature Reflector Heavy Full Crash



Paiste Cymbal Wall2

Paiste Cymbal Wall2

Rock Setup #4 – Metal

14″ Twenty Custom Metal Hats
19″ Rude Wild Crash
19″ 2002 Wild Crash
22″ Signature Reflector Bell Ride

Jazz Setup #1

14″ Traditional Medium Hi-Hats
20″ Twenty Masters Dark Crash Ride
22″ Traditional Light Ride
22″ Traditional Medium Light Swish

Jazz Setup #2 – Latin

14″ Dark Energy Light Dark Hi-hat MK1
18″ Signature Mellow Crash
22″ Twenty Masters Collection Dark Crisp Ride
20″ Formula 602 Medium Flatride



Paiste Cymbal Wall3

Paiste Cymbal Wall3

Jazz Setup #3

14″ Formula 602 Medium Hi-Hats
20″ Twenty Masters Sweet Ride
22″ Twenty Masters Dark Ride

Blues Setup

16″ Rude Crash/Ride (bottom hi-hat)
16″ Dark Energy Crash MK1 (top hi-hat)
19″ Dark Energy Crash MK1
22″ Dark Energy Ride MK1
20″ 2002 Crash

Pop Rock Setup

13″ Signature Dark Crisp Hi-hats
17″ Signature Fast Crash
10″ Signature Reflector Splash
22″ Twenty Masters Crisp Ride
18″ Signature Full Crash
18″ Alpha Medium Swiss Crash

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Be sure to download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files!

Scott, Andrew, Jace & Charlie

Scott, Andrew, Jace & Charlie on the set!