Charlie’s back behind his house kit to demo the Golden Age Project PRE-73
, EQ-73 Vintage 1073 Style EQ, and COMP-54 Compressor.
This week we used three different setups featuring all GAP mic preamps, EQs, and compressors.

First a standard tight mic setup:

Kick in: Heil PR-40 – Pre 73 DLX – EQ 73 – Comp 54

Kick out: Audio-Technica AT4047 (-10db pad) – Pre 73

Snare top: SM57 – PRE-73 DeluxeEQ-73COMP-54

Snare bottom: Shure SM57 – Pre 73

Toms: Heil PR30s – Pre 73s

Hat: AKG C451B – Pre 73

Overheads: MXL 67Is – Pre 73 DLXs

Room: Cascade X-15Pre73 MKII

On the kick in EQ we had -9bd @ 350hz and the Comp 54 was set at a 2:1 ratio, -16 threshold, .3ms attack, and 25ms release.

On the snare top EQ we had -3db @ 750 and the Comp 54 was set to a 4:1 ratio, 0 threshold, .3ms attack, and 25ms release.

Next, we used a Glynn Johns setup featuring an RE20 in the kick, SM57 on the snare, and MXL V67Is on the overheads, all running through Pre 73 DLXs.

We also kept the Cascade X-15 on the room, running through the Pre 73 mkIIs and the Comp 54s.

Finally, we kept the Glynn Johns mic setup and used the output attenuators on the Pre 7s DLXs to drive the preamps harder, adding more color and character to the sound. Also we really clamped down the Comp 54s on the rooms to get more space around the kit.

A great way to get a classic sound without breaking the bank!

Download the full-bandwidth, multi-track audio files here.