Using his house kit and a Glynn Johns setup, Charlie demonstrates four different sets of mic preamps. The Millennia HV-3D, The Golden Age Project Pre-73 Deluxe, The API 212, and a Behringer Eurodesk.

Today we're featuring Charlies Pearl Maple Sessions house kit with 12″ and 16″ toms and a Ludwig Black Magic 5.5×14 snare.

The kit was miced with an RE20 on the kick, a 57 on the snare, and two MXL V67is in a Glynn Johns arrangement.

For mic preamps, we stared of on the high end with the Millennia HV-3D. By far the most hi-fi ant transparent of the bunch.

The API 212L had an very in-your-face midrange punch.

Next, we used some Golden Age Project Pre 73 Deluxes for a vintage British vibe.

Finally we used a Behringer Eurodesk for our low end example. The computer was fed directly from the channel insert sends. This bypassed most of circuitry of the console and isolated just the mic preamps, which cleaned up the sound considerably.

For the second more rock and roll example we drove the preamps a little harder to show a little more color.

Don’t forget to download the full-bandwidth multi-track files here!