This week Charlie demonstrates the Recorderman technique as well as a few variations.

The Recorderman is a two-microphone technique that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years.

It consists of one microphone placed two drumstick-lengths directly above the snare, and a second over the drummer’s right shoulder also two drumstick-lengths away.

We tried several different pairs of mics:

Audio Technica 4047 & 4050



Recorderman Setup 4051AT4051’s



  Shure SM57s



  MXL V87s



  MXL Cubes


We also augmented our original 4047 & 4050 Recorderman setup with an additional 4050 in front of the kit next to the kick.

Recorderman setup

Recorderman setup

  This gave the sound a bit more low end as well as focus and punch to the snare.

Finally, we added a Subkick and an SM57 on the snare.

Download all of the full-bandwidth, multi-track files here!