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Ronan Chris Murphy Pt2 8/23/2012

Ronan Chris Murphy Interview Pt3

In part 3 producer-mixer Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Nels Cline, Steve Morse) talks about drum editing, click tracks, working to the grid, and his recording boot camp.

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Ronan Chris Murphy Pt2 8/9/2012

Ronan Chris Murphy Interview Pt2

In part 2 producer-mixer Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Nels Cline, Steve Morse) talks about drummers mixing themselves, getting a good sound with minimal mics

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TechTuningToms 8/8/2012

Tech & Tuning – Toms and More

Kurt talks about the unique head combinations we’re using for ep18 – Tom Micing Techniques.

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ep18 Featured Image 8/7/2012

Episode 18 – Tom Micing Techniques

Back at Scott's studio, Charlie puts some popular tom mics to the test!

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kurt_crash 8/3/2012

Anatomy Of A Crash Cymbal

Kurt teaches everything you need to know about crash cymbals, how they are made, and how to pick them. He covers how cast, stamped, lathing, hammering, weight, and bell size affects the sound of the cymbal. This is a must watch before you buy your next ride or have your next recording session! Other videos […]

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sabian 8/2/2012

5 Questions w/Chris Stankee of Sabian Cymbals

cheap viagra canada Sabian Cymbals Artist Relations manager Chris Stankee answers 5 questions and talks about what it takes to stay on the cutting edge of cymbal making. FOD) – As a company you guys offer such a large pallet of sound. What elements help focus the direction of Sabian as a company in terms […]

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AndrewShreveDrums 8/2/2012

Interview w/Andrew Shreve of Paiste Cymbals

Paiste America’s Artist Relations manager Andrew Shreve talks about the history of Paiste Cymbals, the importance of picking the right cymbals and what goes into making great cymbals.

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Chris Brewer - Meinl Cymbals 8/1/2012

5 Questions w/Chris Brewer of Meinl Cymbals

Meinl Artist Relations Manager Chris Brewer answers 5 questions and gives a little insight into the world of Meinl Cymbals.

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kurt_anotomy_ride 8/1/2012

Anatomy Of A Ride Cymbal

Cymbal weeks continues with “Anatomy Of A Ride Cymbal”.

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