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CW_Andrew_Gong_web 7/31/2012

Episode 17 – Paiste Cymbals Extravaganza!

In this episode Charlie takes a trip to one of his favorite places on earth. Paiste Cymbals! With the help of cymbal guru and Paiste Artist Relations Manager Andrew Shreve, they will try out 9 different sets of cymbals for a variety of situations.

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KC Hats 7/30/2012

Anatomy Of A Hi Hat

how to get my ex girlfriend back Cymbal week kicks off with everything you need to know about hi hats in five minutes!

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Ronan Chris Murphy 7/26/2012

Ronan Chris Murphy Interview Pt1

In part 1 Producer-mixer Ronan Chris Murphy (King Crimson, Nels Cline, Steve Morse) talks about drum sounds, getting great takes, working with the drummer to develop their sound and understanding how drums must fit in the context of the music.

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FOD Performances Badge 7/25/2012

Cascade Microphone Performances

We've extracted the performances from Ep9 “Cascade 3 Mic Challenge” and made a convenient play-list for you to hear how each set of mics sounded. Need more info? Go to the Ep9 – Cascade 3 Mic Challenge blog post to get all the juicy details and see the full episode.

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IMG_0702 7/24/2012

Episode 16 – Golden Age Project

Charlie’s back behind his house kit to demo the Golden Age Project PRE-73 , EQ-73 Vintage 1073 Style EQ, and COMP-54 Compressor.

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MXL Studio Drum Kit

Studio Recording Kit The MXL Studio Drum Kit offers everything any drummer would need for professional recording.

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cascade logo 7/21/2012

Cascade Microphone Summer Sale!

Get Great Ribbon Mics At a Great Price! Hot Summer Special From Cascade Microphones.

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FOD Mic Pre 1 7/17/2012

Episode 15- Mic Preamps

Using his house kit and a Glynn Johns setup, Charlie demonstrates four different sets of mic preamps. The Millennia HV-3D, The Golden Age Project Pre-73 Deluxe, The API 212, and a Behringer Eurodesk.

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