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Justin Foley – Killswitch Engage

Drum Channel reached out to Justin while he was getting settled in Florida.

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Weirdest email to Tape Op ever?

  Weirdest email to Tape Op ever? This one takes the cake. Delusional. -Larry From: XXXXXXX Date: June 18, 2011 12:56:02 PM PDTTo: larry@tapeop.comSubject: LETTER OF INQUIREHope that Mr. Larry Crane will receive this letter o...

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The Sudden Motion Sensor Hates Your Mobile Session

  Lots of laptops use an accelerometer to detect that the computer is falling. When that happens, the computer parks the hard drive heads to prevent them from bouncing on the HD platter. Apple calls this the Sudden Motion Sensor. On Thinkpads...

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