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Neil Peart Master Class: Frontiers of Composition and Articulation – Free Lesson 9 – Neil performs his warm-up routine

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Why I Love Miles & Weather Report – Part 2 – By Terry Bozzio

They were the best two concerts I have ever seen... first, Miles Davis at the Fillmore West & then Weather Report at Keystone Corner, both in San Francisco ca: 1970. The impression & influence of these events remain strongly with me to this day...

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Q&A from the upcoming DC LIVE 3-part round table featuring Jim Keltner, Terry Bozzio and Ralph Humphrey – Part 1 to be online December 10th.

Question: How do you create the half swung, half straight feel, like going in between a shuffle and straight eighth notes? Jim Keltner: I used to ask Earl Palmer that because to a great degree Earl Palmer invented that. Listen to all those great Litt...

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I ain't payin' for no studio time! My buddy has a PC with software in his house. . .

Going through some archives I came across this priceless piece of history: its the rate card from the studio my friends and I used to go to. You can see it here:. After years of nagging, we did get him to discount our rate to $50 an hour, though.......

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